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Be A Guest keep the possibility to engage penal pursuits if there is a violation of the using conditions, especially in the case of rights to informations, graphics, texts, videos, audio documents, pictures or images ; and more generally for the totality of the web-site content.

Protection of personal data

Cédric TUZZOLINO takes the engagement to protect the confidentiality of the personal data given by the visitors on his official web-site. However, for the animation of his web-site, Cédric TUZZOLINO could have to ask to some visitors of the web-site, the possibility to publish online some personal data they have given to this web-site. These data can be publish online only after a written demand from Mr. Tuzzolino Cédric to the concerned visitor ; and a written acceptation of him, for the publishing online principle, and the exact nature of the personal data which will be publish online. The data given by visitors are under their responsibility, and they are considerate as “no confidential”, they have to be exact, legal, not be harmfull for the interests of anybody. Cedric TUZZOLINO refuses to accept the responsibility of the prejudice that can be cause by the diffusion of confidential data.
In accordance with the law “computers and liberties” art N°34 dated the 6 January 1978, the website grants to website visitors the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning themselves. They can exercise this right at any time, with sending a written demand to:
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In application of the French code of intellectual property, and generally the internationals agreement including the relatives dispositions for the copyright protection ; it is forbidden for a use other than private or pedagogic, to reproduce, sell, broadcast, modify or publish (full or a part, and on any form) the data, presentation or organization of the web-site, and the oeuvre protected by copyright which is contain on the web-site ; without a written pre-established authorization of the web master.


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